Since 1970, Walker and Associates has provided quality economical connectivity and hardware solutions to service providers, utilities, and government agencies, supplying endless shipments of DSX panels, cables, fiber termination panels, fuse panels and other products to build infrastructure carrying the nation’s long distance traffic and demanding mobile traffic.

Beginning in the 1990’s we supplied the majority of competitive service providers with infrastructure equipment for their network connectivity requirements. Today, Walker distributes products for the industry’s top connectivity and hardware manufacturers, combining the best products to provide customers with high performance, cost-effective multi-vendor solutions.

Copper Connectivity

Delivering copper connectivity solutions from the central office to the network edge providing optimum transmission rates, network quality and high bandwidth transparency. Our product solutions include traditional telephony products, DS1/E1 twisted pair, coax, repeaters, cross connect systems, patch panels, termination modules, and more.

Optical Connectivity

Lower your network costs, maximize flexibility, and enhance system performance with optical connectivity solutions designed to meet the demands of today’s dynamic network. Walker offers a complete line of optical connectivity solutions including splitters and WDM modules, optical transceivers, fiber jumpers, pre-connectorized cable, modular adapters, connectors, and more.

Cable Management

Choose from a broad range of cable management solutions designed to reduce installation and material costs, and meet requirements for any network application.

Equipment Racks and Hardware

Utilize equipment racks or cabinets that fit virtually anywhere in the communications network, whether it be in a central office, data center, or remote site. Walker offers a complete line of products for standard and custom configurations.

Power Distribution, Protection, and Management

Manage power, protect equipment and enhance system reliability with a range of versatile, reliable distribution solutions for central office, wireless network, remote terminal, and enterprise applications.