As the need for bandwidth continues to grow, an efficient end-to-end network solution is needed to better capitalize on the current utility communications network infrastructure and improve operational efficiency. Additionally, the solution should enable utility companies to meet future network infrastructure requirements with flexible, future-proof technology and design.

Walker and Associates offers comprehensive solutions from over 400 leading manufacturer partners, enabling utility companies to lower network costs through consolidation, investment protection, as well as provide the solutions to generate new revenue streams through value-added services.

Examples of solutions we offer utility providers include:


Provide reliable connectivity solutions for substations, distribution sites, and vital applications to ensure uninterrupted communications in the transmission and distribution network.

Data Center

Build and manage the infrastructure necessary for delivering secure, scalable, and resilient access to mission-critical information and applications.

Outside Plant

Connect customers faster with a broad range of outside plant products including copper and fiber cabling, buried cable, drop cables, conduit, innerduct, outdoor cabinets and pedestals, pole line hardware, splice closures, vaults, hand holes, and more.

Power Solutions

Protect your network with power protection and power management solutions for any networking and data center application. These product solutions include UPS systems, power distribution units (PDU’s), power management tools, surge suppressors, AC/DC power, and more.

Smart Grid

Improve productivity with fewer security risks with dynamic, scalable, and interactive security infrastructure featuring real-time threat defense, and network visibility and control.


Add security protection to all sites and eSCADA networks without increasing network complexity or cost using ruggedized Ethernet switches with built-in firewall and VPN.


Secure the essential synchronization of timelined events, scheduled power flows, monitored line frequencies and line fault detection with a synchronization solution that delivers the accuracy, precision, automation and flexibility that meet the demands of the world’s power grids.