Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a technology that allows both voice and data communications to be run over a single network. VoIP is changing how we communicate and the increasing acceptance of VoIP as a viable communication tool has changed the face of the telecommunications market. As the popularity of VoIP continues to grow, businesses are migrating from traditional copper wire telephone systems to VoIP systems in order to reduce cost.

For broadband providers, the increased availability of VoIP applications and the end user demand for such services makes it essential that their networks are able to support VoIP as a quality service, both to preserve and to grow their businesses.

Walker and Associates provides advanced VoIP and converged VoIP and data networking products and applications including:

Ethernet Switches

Address today’s highest networking priorities for VoIP with business-class switching solutions including Fast Ethernet, Power over Ethernet (Poe), and Gigabit Ethernet switches. Key features and benefits include Quality of Service (QoS), Class of Service (CoS), SIP Application Layer Gateway (ALG), Net Flow 9 Traffic Monitoring, Voice Quality Monitoring (VQM) and more.

IP Business Gateways

Integrate VoIP services with carrier-class, cost-effective IP business gateways with features that include robust routing, firewall, VPN, QoS, VQM, dynamic bandwidth allocation, and remote management features.

IP Communications Platform

Streamline communication platforms through the convergence of IT and communication systems and increase costs savings, gain productivity, improve flexibility, and responsiveness.

SIP Trunking

Offer hosted communications solutions for subscribers looking to reduce costs and allow subscribers to utilize existing TDM equipment including PBX’s, IVR systems, or other legacy equipment without expensive upgrades.